Staying at the Hampton

We recently went to ‘Kellen’s Country’, otherwise known as Missouri for a long weekend. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Columbia, MO. We like that hotel. It is very close to the Univ. campus and is new, clean and has a nice pool.
When we came home Alex was frustrated that it took 8 hours of traveling to visit Kellen. He noticed a new Hampton Inn being built just a few miles from our home. We commented that it looked a lot like the Hampton Inn we stayed in while visiting Kellen.
Alex suddenly announced from the back seat of the van the other day that maybe we should think about staying at that Hampton Inn instead of the one so far away in MO. He was quite excited with this idea!
I then had to burst his bubble by saying,” Well, that is a nice Hampton except if we go to this one, we won’t be able to see Kellen.”
He looked at me in dismay and then agreed that wouldn’t work. He does love Kellen and even though it is far to visit him, he doesn’t mind once he sees him!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

MO Hike

MO Hike


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  1. Are you one of those that are doing this? Just curious as my daughter has told me about others using her photos. Not sure how you can help…
    Deborah Mumm


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