The Mouse in the Garage

We recently discovered we had a mouse living in our garage. We live next to a big open area which includes a pond, geese and ducks. I am sure I have written about the geese and how annoying they can be. Alex, our active 10 yr. old, who was adopted at age 5 from Russia finds it fascinating that we have a mouse hiding in the garage.
I am not too thrilled with this latest development as I wander into our garage many times a day…to get something out of the extra refrigerator we have there or to get bottles to fill up with Kangen Water for customers and friends (my Healthy Water business) —
I did feel kind of funny running to the store for hamster food for Tania’s hamster and for a mouse trap for the same type of critter living in our garage.
Dennis and Alex set up the mouse trap, which is a box with a dial on top saying Caught or Not Caught…and a place for peanut tempt the critter into the box.
Today I asked Alex if the mouse had been caught. He said, “No.” I commented that we must have a very smart mouse. He then looked at me, in all honesty and exclaimed, “I bet that mouse can see on top of the box the word ‘Caught’ and so he doesn’t go into the box.”
I then asked Alex if he really thought a mouse could learn to read and reminded him how long it took him to learn to read. He was very sincere about saying this but then looked at me like I did make sense.
This is just another case in which I believe kids who live in orphanages do miss out on the common every day things other kids experience…with adult explanations, etc. I really think there are gaps in Alex’s education because of years of neglect in an orphanage. So many common sense things to a child of 10 are brand-new in his mind. So…one step at a time…he is learning and understanding, and we just have to be patient.
As a parent, I admit, I do get a kick out of the things he tells us…and it is a reminder to me that he has a 5 yr. past I know very little about and these comments he makes prove he thinks differently than my bio sons ever did!
We love Alex for his never ending enthusiasm and curiosity. He is a joy to everyone who knows him because of this great personality.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption


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