Kids Leave for Sun Valley

My sister, bless her soul, offered to take Tania and Alex back to Sun Valley, ID. this week after spending time here in Chicago. Both kids were quite excited to have the time with her and to see another part of America.
Tania finished her Driver’s Ed course and was excited about that. She and her friends have been driving me crazy so a week of quiet will be very welcomed around here.
Alex was a bit nervous to think that he and his sister will have to fly back to Chicago alone next week, but we assured him it’d be easy.

They both hugged and kissed us at the airport. They both said they’d miss us, but they looked excited to be heading off to an adventure with their Aunt Peggy. (Aunt Peggy may find this an adventure of a different kind. Ha!)
So…after 5 years of having these 2 kids in our lives, it is the first time they will both be gone at the same time. I’ll let you know how I do!
Oh, Kellen, our 19 yr. old did return home this week from college but has to go back on Friday. So we have a little alone time with him, without competition of younger siblings…when he is home, that is! Seems to be off with friends a lot.

Until next time…
Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Alex and Tania

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