Movie Review–Where the Wild Things Are…(Avoid!)


This weekend my husband, his sister, our youngest, Alex and myself, went to MO to visit son, Kellen. He attends Univ. of Mo or Mizzou as most call it there. We didn’t have tickets to the football game so I took Alex to go see Where the Wild Things Are, while Dennis and sister watched the game on TV. Alex was quite excited about seeing this movie. Who can believe that someone took a 12 page book with about 6 sentences and made a full length movie of it? When it was over I was surprised when I asked him what he thought of it. His words, “It was random.” I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

The story starts with a pretty cute boy about 10 who has problems with his sister and her friends. The story skips around but when his mom makes him upset one night, he bites her. She yells at him and he takes off down the dark street screaming and yelling like he had gone mad. He then jumps into a sailboat and heads out into the dark, stormy night. He crash lands onto an island with these strange monster characters. To make a long story short, they appoint him to be the new king of the island. He doesn’t get along much better with these creatures than he did with his human family. There is a lot of screaming and running throughout the movie. At one point he decides to create peace on the island they need a war. They all start hitting each other with clots of dirt. This makes the boy quite happy. Hmm….did I say this movie was ‘random’?

When he leaves the island it is apparent the monsters all like him and the leader monster shows this by howlling…and the boy howls back. I was ready to leave the theatre many times but hoped the movie would improve. It just got more and more confusing. It was loud and was filled with mixed messages. When I left my head was swimming with all the noises and confusion the movie had brought.

Alex is 10 and not one to say he didn’t like a movie. At first he said it was good but once we started talking about it he told me he thought it was RANDOM. I’d have to agree as it never made sense and showed a lot of unsafe things kids could do. Biting others, yelling and screaming when angry and not stopping, running away and generally, not making safe choices….all things I try to get my children to think about.

So….Out of 5 stars, I give it ONE STAR.
I’d avoid taking kids to this movie and won’t even recommend it as a rental.
Just this mom’s opinion…and my 10 yr. old son’s.

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption

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