National Adoption Month–November

Well, it’s National Adoption Month. It is a time to publicize adoption and to recognize it as a way to build a family. Have you heard much about adoption this month. I don’t think I have. A new movie is coming out next week called ‘Blindside’ with Sandra Bullock and looks to be a good movie about foster care and adoption. I’ll let you know as I know I plan on seeing it.
I think most people know what adoption is but would rather not like to talk about it too much. It makes people uncomfortable to hear about children living in foster care or orphanages. But the truth is, we need to talk about it and we need to talk about it a LOT. It’s that out of sight, out of mind way of thinking. Maybe if we don’t talk about it, it’ll go away…or someone else will handle it.
In reality, there are about 60 million children living in foster care or in orphanages around the world. They are the future of this world. These are kids who grow up without a family or knowing what it’s like to be loved and cared for unconditionally. How will they know how to parent their children, how to handle conflicts or feel compassion towards others? It’s difficult when your life is a series of rejections.
Am I glad there is a month designated to remind us of the children who need families? Does it bring more people towards considering adopting a child to add to their family? I am not so sure. If half the families in the world took in one child who needed a family, there would be no children living in foster care or orphanages.
Most people feel they couldn’t handle someone else’s child or take on the risks of another child. There is a lot of fear surrounding foster care and orphans. I think people still consider such children as ‘damaged goods’ and don’t want to take that chance.
So…Happy National Adoption Month! Learn more about orphans with a weekly email on the latest stats and info on orphans around the world at… . Learn more about Foster care and Domestic adoption at . And, thank those families who are helping children by being foster parents…or famillies who have adopted children. It is not an easy task but they took the challenge.
We adopted children and we have been rewarded with their hugs and love. Every achievement they have holds strong meanings for us. We helped them to change their lives for the better.
Who will help all the other children waiting for families? They still wait….

Deborah Mumm
The Adoption Coach


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