Is there a Santa?

Greetings!’s the question all parents know is coming. We hope we can say the right thing when we hear the words, “Mom, is there really a Santa?” Out of the blue, on the way home from school in the car, Alex asked the question. Since he is my 5th child asking this question I knew it was best to throw it back to him. So I said, ” Well, what do you think?”
He replied, “Well, I think there has to be a Santa. But I have friends who don’t think he’s real. And you know what? Once you stop believing in Santa your parents have to start getting you presents.”
I stayed pretty quiet but added, “Oh, I heard that is what happens”
He then stopped and sighed. Then he said, “But you know Mom, I really think I am getting too big to sit on Santa’s lap.”
I said, “That’s ok, we don’t have to go see him this year.”
“Well”, he said, “then how will he know what I want?”
I replied, “We could write him a letter this year.”
In typical Alex fashion his eyes got large and he practically shouted in excitement, “Wow! You can do that?”
“Sure!”, I said.
“Ok….let’s write him a letter!” He seemed content and settled back into the back seat of the car. And immediately he was onto another topic to talk about. Typical kid.
So we may get another year our of our last Santa believing kid. But Alex wasn’t even introduced to a Santa until he was almost 6 since Santa doesn’t come to Russian orphanages…or any other orphanage that I know of. So we’ll let him hang onto the fun of it all. I think it is almost more fun for my older kids to have this excitement still alive in our house at the holidays.

And…if you need to track Santa Claus as he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve be sure and check out this site–
Enjoy the magic of Christmas!

Deborah Mumm

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