Christmas Miracles?


I love this time of year…with the festive lights all over town to the snow on the ground. People seem more eager to wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holiday’ instead of saying nothing. I realize it isn’t a happy time of year to those who are struggling with poverty, loss of a job or don’t have a family to enjoy the holiday with.

My family was all here and I loved having everyone in my kitchen on Christmas. We laughed, played games and just enjoyed each other. We were on a tighter budget this year so we emphasized to the kids that Christmas is mostly about spending time with the family and not just getting presents. All in all, everyone seemed ok with everything.

We love to look for good things that happen this time of year and like to call them ‘Christmas Miracles’. I know that all things happen for a reason, but most of the time we don’t take the time to really think about it. So this Christmas we had fun noting which things were ‘Christmas Miracles’ in our home.

1) We got my parents moved from their home of almost 25 years into a small retirement apartment….at Christmas time! Definitely a Christmas Miracle!
2) My sister, who insisted this Christmas she would not fight all those holiday travelers and just stay in ID for the holidays, decided 2 days before Christmas to come to Chicago to spend Christmas with the family. A Christmas Miracle!
3) My sister-in-law and I took advantage of some quiet time to go see the movie, ‘It’s Complicated!’. We came out of the theatre to see the car covered in snow. I opened the car, threw in my purse, turned on the car and began scraping windows. Then I realized I had locked us out of the car! We had already called AAA for help when a friend from one of my networking groups came out of the theatre. He took us home to get an extra key. Another Christmas miracle!
4) We all had fun with Alex…looking for Santa in the sky on Christmas Eve and putting out cookies and eggnog for Santa. Even my grown up boys delighted in his enthusiasm, making it fun for all of us. A Christmas miracle!
I could go on…but I think we should be looking for the ‘miracles’ that happen every day around us.
So this year– in 2010–let’s try to appreciate the little things more and expect less. Good will come to those who wait!

Happy New Year!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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