Adopting a Russian Siberian Kitten! We need a Name…

Well…we adopted Russian Siberian kids 5 years ago, so why not adopt a Russian Siberian kitten? I discovered this breed of cat online a few months ago when I googled in ‘hypoallergenic cats’. My husband is VERY allergic to cats but this breed, because the dander is different than a regular cat, causes less allergy reactions. We found a breeder about an hour and a half away who suggested we come sit with her cat to see if Dennis truly was not allergic to it. We spent an hour with the cat and not a single reaction.
Now, we have always been a dog family. My older boys think they hate cats. But dogs require a lot of attention. Cats are far more independent. We can come home late or be gone a day and the cat will be fine. Not with a dog.
I really feel Tania and Alex will benefit from taking care of an animal–being responsible for his care. I know I’ll probably do most of the work, but both kids want a pet to love. So we put our name on the waiting list for a kitten.
We were told it’d be late spring or mid summer before our name came up to take a kitten. But as luck would have it, the breeders male cat had some fun with the females in the house and they had some surprise litters of kittens. We got the email last week as to whether we were ready to take a male kitten. He sure is cute! I’ve been told he is twice the size of his sisters in the same litter. He will be huge…probably around 17 lbs. or so at full grown.
These are supposed to be a smart breed, very playful and loving. I’ve told my older boys he is a catdog…since he will be bigger than our dog Bo, who passed away last year.
So…Husband would like a Russian name and daughter would like a cute name. Alex doesn’t seem to care…just wants him home with us. We pick him up on Tues. So…have any ideas on good cat names? Please share.

There are some photos of him above…he’s the cream colored kitten.
Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on your adoption(s)! You’ll all love your new Siberian : )

    We have lists of SIberian names and links to a Russian name dictionary on our website (we are also Siberian kitten breeders):


    Just check out our blog and type in “Russian names” in the search options. We have several posts on authentic Russian names šŸ™‚

    We are looking forward to reading more of your blog. One step we have been researching is how to contribute for Russian orphan care.


    Kate and Carolyn/ ForestWind Siberians in Buffalo, NY


  2. Thank you, we will šŸ™‚

    If you send us your email addy we’ll send you a great Russian names dictionary link. šŸ™‚


    Kate and Carolyn


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