Siberian Kitten adjusts to Family Life here–

The first night home, our kitten, now named Nikita (Russian for Unconquerable), cried most of the night. It was his first night away from his mama and other kittens. Each day has gotten better. He plays a lot and follows us around.
He must be getting comfortable here as he was getting into a lot of mischief today. He somehow turned on my copier in the office. He jumped into the dishwasher, the closet and is constantly tackling my feet. He sits right behind me in my office chair so I can’t lean back. He’s doing it right now even. When he purrs he sounds like a small motor engine. He is very cute so I have to remember to be stearn when I scold him for things. We hope to train him not to scratch on the furniture and jump onto counters. I’ve been told he is smart and can learn this, so I will work on it.
Alex and Tania each have taken turns sleeping at night with him. Alex is very protective of him and can hardly eat a meal unless he knows what Nikita is doing and is safe. He has thanked me multiple times, saying “Thank you Mom for letting us get this cat. I’ve never had a cat before. I love him!” The teacher claimed she has seen him kiss the kittens picture he keeps in his desk at school! Funny, huh?
Even Travis, our grown up son, has been caught playing with Nikita. I even saw the kitten asleep on his lap while he watched sports. He is bringing his fiance over tonight to meet the kitten. She isn’t much of a cat lover either, but I can’t see how people would not think Nikita is cute. He really is! He is going to be HUGE though…already the size of a small cat and he’s only 12 weeks old.
Dennis has had no allergy symptoms. That’s what makes a Siberian cat so special!

That’s all for now!
Have a great day….

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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