When Rain Hurts….


I really like the name of a blog written by a mom of 2 kids adopted from Russia….When Rain Hurts.
She writes beautifully about the adoption of her two children, a boy and a girl from Russia. The little girl progresses along normally while the little boy is plagued with problems along the way. She is a great mom in that she loves both her kids but knows her son needs extra help and has to work to make sure he finds the right help.

I suggest you go look at this blog and tell me what you think. I think it’s extremely well written— you have to scroll to the bottom to start at the beginning, just like my blog. It is also a reality check…as every adoption does not end with a happily ever after story line. But neither does parenting a biological child. There are never guarantees in parenthood.

When Rain Hurts

Have a great day!

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption

3 responses to this post.

  1. I think it is very sad that a woman wanting to be a mother could send a child back where he came from, like he was a defective product. I don’t know how long she had him but I think there could have been a better way to handle any issues the boy was having. To me that would be like having birth to a baby and then a few days later decide that you can’t stand staying up all night so you want God to take the baby back. That is sick.
    Love your blog.


    • I agree…in America we have many organizations to turn to for help with our children. Adopting an older child is challenging…some kids need extra help to get through all the changes they are experiencing. It’s very disappointing that someone would do something like ship a child back to an orphanage. Now hundreds of prospective adoptive parents are waiting to see if they can still adopt their children waiting for them in Russia. Thanks for your comment.


  2. I found the blog you recommended, When Rain Hurts, mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for suggesting it – what an honest, brave insight into one family’s struggle to love and help their adopted children, esp. the boy who is so troubled. Sheds real light on the awful Hansen situation. Also tells all of us that there are solutions/options – though it undoubtedly takes tons of work and commitment.

    Thanks again 🙂


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