What will your Obituary say?

Kind of a weird question, right? Well, I remember getting asked this question in college and having to write what we thought our obituary would say. Back then, I could only imagine if I was married and had kids. I guessed at what I would do with my life and wondered if I would be successful. I am sure I wrote something creative but wish I could see what I said then and compare it to what I have now. There is no way in the world I would have known how my life has turned out.

What made me think of this long ago creative writing project? Well, my elderly aunt passed away a little over a week ago and I was chosen to write the obituary for her. She had a lonely life…living alone and choosing never to do much outside of her home because of a bad ankle. She injured her ankle when she was about 20. She decided at that point that she could never marry, never have kids, never travel, drive or work again….because of a bad ankle. She had a pleasant personality and loved my sense of humor. But her stories were always of her 1st 20 years and she lived to tell these stories to anyone who would listen.

At the time of her death, my sister and I wondered what the purpose of her life was. Don’t we all have a purpose? It really is about the choices we make in our lives. We can choose to get an education, to get a job we want, to have friends…the list goes on. Because of my aunt’s choice of catering to an injury and not pursuing anything or caring about anyone but herself, she chose to have a lonely life. Maybe her purpose for living was to show others that we don’t want to sit back and do nothing our entire life. We want to make a difference in our lives and in others lives.

So, if you are reading this and still contemplating whether you should adopt a child or not…then think of my aunt, who died a lonely women with few friends. She had a large family of nieces and nephews that she could have spoiled and had fun with. But she chose not to be involved in their lives…and she missed out on knowing some wonderful people! If you are meant to adopt, you will feel the need to help a child. That child is waiting for you to make a difference in their life. Adoption is not easy. It is not fun. But having a child is worth the hard work…and you’ll never be lonely again.

Deborah Mumm
The Adoption Coach


One response to this post.

  1. sounds as though your aunt shut down on life and the ankle accident was not the reason. It was a useful vehicle that powered her decision.


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