Moments to Remember with Alex




As you know, we adopted Alex and his sister in 2004. Alex was 5 at the time. He is now 11…hard to believe. He is about 2 years behind in all areas of his life. He is the size of a 9 year old and is just finishing the 3rd grade curriculum. He will be going to a school in the fall that does not worry about what grade level a child is in, as long as he is learning. And he is making great progress. He is proud of himself and we are proud of him.

Alex still has some difficulty finding the right words to express himself. (I do too sometimes, so I don’t really worry about it.) We are used to it but sometimes it is kind of funny to figure out what he is thinking. The other night…after 10 pm…(these late summer nights are killing me!)…he was fumbling around in the kitchen looking for ‘little black rolls with holes’. I had no idea what he was looking for. Soon I saw him with a bowl full of little chocolate donuts watching TV. Needless to say, he got a couple but I put the rest back that night.

Last week Dennis & I took Alex to Six Flags Great America…which is only a mile from our home. We have a season pass so we can go for just a few hours and then go home. It isn’t as exhausting that way. Alex has been telling us for the past year that this is the year he will try going on roller coasters. He has a lot of friends who love the roller coasters and they won’t ask Alex to come with them to Great America because he won’t ride them. Needless to say, peer pressure had Alex thinking he better try riding these if he wanted to go to the park with friends.

As we got on the Whizzer, which is your basic roller coaster…fast with dips but no loops….he sat down in front of me. As we slowly crept up the first hill I was busy admiring the surroundings, the moon, the water rides and telling Alex to look at it all. Suddenly he blurted out, “Mom! Focus!” I could see he was hanging on for dear life and that scenery was not what he was interested in at the moment. It was pretty funny. He actually liked the 3 coasters we went on that night and was happy to brag to his friends of his accomplishment. Will he go again? I am not counting on it, but he might.

Kellen, our Univ. of MO college son, arrived home for a week the other day. I had taken Alex to the grocery store in the morning and was talking in the car on the way home about what he might like to do in the afternoon. He informed me that he and Kellen needed some ‘Boy Time’ and would probably be going to a movie. I asked him about what I could do and he told me that I had to stay home with the cat. Wow…fun! This is what I have been living for, right? Kellen obliged him and took him to the new Toy Story movie. Alex was thrilled to have that time with him.

Just a little while ago, Dennis, Kellen and Alex headed to a Car Show in Volo. Alex quickly said he didn’t want to go, but when I said that Kellen really wanted him to come along, he relented. I know he’ll have fun. He is just concerned he’ll miss some major social event with his friends in the neighborhood. Later, we’ll head to town to watch the fireworks from the park. 4th of July is always a nice weekend. It is hard to believe that we were landing in Russia on the 4th of July 6 years ago. No one celebrates that holiday there….hmmm….we missed it. But we came home with 2 special kids, so it was worth it.

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption

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