My Mommy Past!

My Mommy Past


Today I found a small notebook that I had used years ago to write down little things I was doing. I am feeling a bit guilty I didn’t do this more with all my kids. I think the more kids you have, the less time or energy you have to write things down! It sure was fun to read what my days were like when my two oldest sons (now both getting married soon) were just babies. They are 20 months apart so I was busy with babies for a few years there.

Here are a few postings that I thought might be fun to share:

Brandon, 3, announced loudly at church when it was getting close to the end, “All done, Daddy. Go car!” Later in the day, Dennis finished putting together a new swing set in the yard. Grandparents came up to visit. Dennis put on music while Brandon danced for everyone. Travis, 5 months, filled his pants (and infant seat) during dinner…which is always delightful. Brandon then surprised us all by actually pooping on the potty chair…again, during dinner. To top it all off, he insisted that Grandma & Grandpa come and see it. Everyone did and we all clapped and made a big deal out of it. Ah, potty training at it’s finest. (Why do these things seem to happen while we are eating though?)

Brandon is amazing at 3. I love watching his eyes tell it all. The other night he was yelling from his bed, “Mommy, turn off the teapot. Water burning!” Actually the whistling sound he heard was crickets outside. Now every night we have to talk about the crickets. One day I wrote that I loved catching Brandon trying to catch a sunbeam in the house. Cute…
So, you moms out there! Keep a little journal handy and jot things down from your days. They may seem like nothing right now, but once those little ones are not home anymore you will love reading about those ‘little things’. I used to keep a little note book on top of the refrigerator and write down the funny things the kids said. It seemed most conversations happen in the kitchen, don’t they?

As I prepare for 2 weddings in the next 2 months I do enjoy looking back to the days they were small and my life seemed so busy with ‘kid things’. Times change and I am still busy…but with different things now.

Have a great day!
Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption


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