Our Family has Grown!

Brandon & Pam get married


Well, most parents pray for this day…the day your child finds someone they want to live the rest of their lives with. My oldest, Brandon, discovered his true love at Ripon College, where they both attended. Story has it that he saw Pam across the campus and wrote the note, ‘Want to go out for coffee?’ on a frisbee and threw it to her. She picked it up and threw it back to him. He tried again…with the same result…her throwing the frisbee without looking at it. Finally he threw it and ran up to her saying he was late to class and for her to keep the frisbee. She finally saw the note on it, met him for coffee and the rest is history.
They are now on their honeymoon!
The wedding was a beautiful hot day in Aug. My youngest, Alex, was the ring bearer but earlier had handed out fans to the crowd that gathered at the outside wedding. The flower girl, Pam’s 3 yr. old niece had a melt down in the aisle as the flower petals did not fall to the ground as she wanted but flew away in the wind. Brandon came down the aisle and tried to save her, but she wanted no part of him so her Grandma had to come and whisk her away so the bride could come down the aisle.
Pam looked beautiful and composed…even though a few minutes ago had a melt down of emotion thinking of what was happening. Brandon never stopped smiling…throughout the ceremony and throughout the rest of the reception.
Each of our kids was in this wedding–Travis and his fiance, Katie, Kellen, Tatiana and Alex. They all looked wonderful up there!
So, as his Mom, it was one of those happiest moments you have as a Mom. Seeing your child truly happy and having the time of his life…and knowing he made a great choice. I couldn’t have picked out a nicer girl for him. She will love him unconditionally and will be his best friend for the rest of his life!
I loved dancing my dance with my son at the reception to the new country song, ‘Crazy’. I stayed pretty composed throughout and that was a major feat! So, now it’s onto Wedding #2 which is in mid-September…not much time to think about it. I will let you know what happens then.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your words evoked such a beautiful day and ceremony – how wonderful that in the midst of this celebration Brandon put a child’s needs first, and his wife to be waited – a lovely example of what kind, caring people they are. With best wishes for a lovely honeymoon and exciting first year of married life! Warmly, Kate Stryker, Buffalo NY


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