Roller Coaster Emotion Week!

Me & My Guys

It has been a week of roller coaster emotions….extreme lows to extreme highs! On Wed. we had Tatiana sent to a Wilderness Therapy Camp. There she will learn how to cope in the wilderness and also rebuild her self-esteem. She will learn she has important qualities and talents. Hopefully she will see that she is deserving of good friends. Her past in Russia has her feeling she can’t cope with us or friends her. It is not her fault. Horrible things happened to her as a little girl in Russia and she is now not coping well with our family because of it. This next step will hopefully teach her that she can belong to a family AND have good friends.
This was not an easy decision for us but we could see she was no longer listening to us and was doing whatever she pleased, ignoring our consequences. If we hadn’t moved her out, we think she would have ended up on the street with horrible results. We know there is a good kid under the tough front she puts on…a very talented girl with a sparkling personality. However, abuse by adults in her life in Russia broke the spirit of this great girl. Teenage emotions brought all that pain and mistrust back to the surface and she began to rebel. I worry about all the kids still in Russia living the pain she went through. Let’s pray she gets the help she needs at this therapy camp and that we find the right school for her to go to after this.
If any of my readers know of a school that can take a troubled teen and rebuild them, please let me know!
On to happier emotions of the week….
My 2nd son, Travis, married his high school sweetheart, Katie, on Sept. 18th. It was a beautiful day. The bridesmaids all were in tears as Katie processed down the aisle so I decided not to look at them so I wouldn’t cry. I then looked at Travis and saw tears streaming down his face as he watched his bride come towards him. Well…let’s just say it was a ‘Tissue Moment’.
We all had a lot of fun at the reception…lots of dancing and enjoying each other. We missed Tatiana being with us, but were happy she is in a safe place and being helped.
Yesterday we took our 3rd son, Kellen, to the airport so he could go back to college…Mizzou. Traivs and Katie left on their honeymoon. Brandon & Pam are back in WI. Last night was our first quiet night with just Alex. He seemed a bit sad to have the house so quiet after all the commotion of the past couple of weeks. We will do our best to do what is needed to get Tatiana back home when she is ready.
Parenting is a wonderful thing, but not always easy….that is for sure!

Travis & Katie get married

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption


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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Debbie and your family. I hope Tatiana comes to the realization how blessed she is to have such a wonderful family to call her own. She may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she sure was adopted by a golden family!!!!! Hope You can shower Alex with your love and attention, now that things have settled down into a “normal” family life. He will turn out great just like your boys did and hopefully Tatiana will too. Hugs, Alice


  2. First time visiting your blog. We are a few weeks away from taking our first trip to Russia to adopt a sibling group. I will be following your link. I am very thankful for the information you have provided, and your candor.

    There is a very small, very special school called “French Camp Academy” in French Camp, Mississippi. It is a private, Presbyterian residential school for middle school and high school students, located on the historic Natchez Trace Parkway. I worked here at the adjoined summer camp during college. Many of the same people are still associated with the school. The atmosphere is one of acceptance, education, and discipline, with a big dose of God’s love for challenging kids.



    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at it. She is probably in need of more intense therapy to deal with her past with adoption and abuse, which I am guessing this school does not provide. I am glad schools like this exist though as many kids can benefit from them. It is amazing the suggestions I am getting! There is so much on the internet and they all look good there. So, it is nice to have personal recommendations! Thanks.


  3. Deborah, In regards to the school for Tatiana when she comes home, have you looked into Mercy Ministries? I’m not sure if they’re anywhere near you or if they could possibly help even if they aren’t in your area. They are not a school as such to my knowledge, but they offer a free of charge program which aims to provide healing for young women who have suffered from things such as: physical and sexual abuse, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, Drug & Alcohol Addictions and Depression. I think they may have teaching materials which you can purchase from them. I just thought I’d mention them because I’ve heard of amazing stories of healing for the young women who go through their program. It’s worth getting in contact with them either way to see if/how they can help. They have a website, just look up Mercy Ministries. There is hope for Tatiana, but she will need healing in her spirit, since that is where she was broken. God loves her, and your whole family – and He wants her to be healed and together with you all in a loving family. God bless you all and may you all grow together even more through this journey.


    • Thanks, Marlena! We have gotten a lot of support along the way and it really helps! We want the best for our daughter and for her to move ahead without hanging onto the horrors of her past. I will look into Mercy Ministries and see what they have to offer. We do need to have her keep up with her schooling along the way, if possible. She is already 17 and just a sophomore and I feel a high school diploma is important for future success. Thanks!

      Debbie M.


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