The BodyGuard

As you must know from my previous posts, we had to send our 16 year old off to a Wilderness Therapy Camp. Because of the horror she experienced in Russia as a little girl, she needed the intense therapy of the wilderness to find herself and regain some self esteem again.
In the car the other day, Alex asked when Tania would come home. I commented she had to learn how to make safe choices and learn how to belong to a family before she’d be able to come home. His eyes lit up when he came up with this idea. He suggested that we hire Lance Armstrong and have him come here to protect Tania…like a bodyguard.
I told him that was a great idea, except that Tania needs to learn to make her own choices now. She is almost 17 and needs to learn that her choices have consequences. Lance is pretty busy these days and probably doesn’t have time to be someone’s bodyguard. Once Tania can make safe choices and can think for herself and not do whatever her friends suggest, then she will be ready to come home.
He seemed satisfied with that comment. However, I do feel bad that he misses his sister. I wish things were different so she could be here with us. I saw all the pictures of her classmates all dressed up for Homecoming this weekend and wish she was one of them. Hopefully, we’ll have our day for that. We need to see her get stronger first…able to face the world and peers with confidence…because we can’t live our lives with a bodyguard.

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption

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