Mission Ethiopia


I have a friend who spent time in Ethiopia last year working at orphanages. She has amazing stories. Many of the caregivers there are not educated enough to know how to care for the tiniest or sickest babies. Although she didn’t speak the language Kimberly worked towards showing them how to help the babies so they would live.
Her mission a year ago was to adopt a child or two from Ethiopia and help them have a better life. Once she was there and saw the difference she made with many children in the orphanage and on the street, she decided she wanted to go back there to work full time as a missionary. She is an amazing lady.

She will be speaking at our next Lake Co. IL Adoption Support group meeting (on Tues. Oct. 26th–7 pm—Panera Bread, Gurnee, IL)
Support Group Calendar

Kimberly is trying to fund her way back to Ethiopia and is doing many fundraisers, work, Ebay and more to earn the $25,000 she needs to reach her goal. If you have any ideas that could help her, please let her know!
Here is her Mission Ethiopia Blog with her fascinating stories of orphans in Ethiopia!

Mission Ethiopia Blog

So–let’s see if we can help Kimberly get back to helping kids in Ethiopia! Attend our 10/26/10 meeting or simply donate to her cause!
We need more people like her…don’t you agree?

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption


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