Race to NoWhere–Movie Review


Race to Nowhere Movie

I went to a special viewing of the new movie, ‘Race to Nowhere’. This movie is an editorial on the plight of public education in America. It will probably never make the major theaters, but it has info that is worthy for most people…especially parents with school aged kids.

The movie depicts most American public schools are racing to improve test scores with their students. However, by teaching for the test is providing us with a lot of kids who memorize answers but can’t use the information later. Of the top 50 educational systems in the world, the USA is 38th on the list.

Here are some points I got out of the movie.
* Kids get too much homework. Studies show that anything over one or two hours is very ineffective learning.
* Kids learn how to cheat so they can get their homework done and keep up with extracurriculars.
* More kids are suffering from stress and diet issues due to lack of sleep and not enough time to relax.

It was pointed out that schools that stopped giving homework found that their students liked coming to school and were more energetic and happy.

Isn’t 7 hours of learning enough for a child? Small amounts of homework to teach discipline and study might be beneficial, but how much learning has to come from parents? Isn’t this what we send our kids to school for? Teachers in the movie complained that much of their teaching time is used to teach towards ‘standardized tests’. This leaves little time for hands on experiments or creative learning.

My son attends a Waldorf school. They work hard during the day. They do a lot of hands on projects and do not take standardized tests. They may have a few things to do at night for study or review, but the emphasis is on the fact that children need to play. They need to learn social skills by working with others.

It was pointed out in the movie that our country is mostly run by C students. Some of the brightest people in our history did not achieve success in school but in their lives for their accomplishments.

So…what is your opinion on American schools? Good, bad, otherwise? See a need for improvement? I do!

Deborah Mumm


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