Kicking in the New Year

Kids have fun with balloons at restaurant


It doesn’t seem that long ago that we had anticipation for Christmas, for kids coming home from college, the cookies that needed to be made….and then, it’s gone!  In a flash, the time zips by and we are taking down the tree and the holiday decorations around the house.  Life goes back to ‘normal’…or whatever ‘normal’ is.

We took several days after Christmas to visit Tatiana in her new boarding school.  She was jumping up and down with delight when we pulled up to her school.  Alex and Kellen came with us, so it made it an extra special trip.  We wandered around the Omaha Zoo…which is a beautiful zoo, by the way.  We got to play a couple of wild games of Lazer Tag which was also a lot of fun.  We went out for a few meals and even ate a meal at her school.  She is adjusting nicely and although would rather be home, she seems to know why she is there and that she does need help before she can come home.

Shortly after coming home, I started experiencing back pain.  I attributed it to the long car ride– 8 hours. But as the pain turned into chronic cramps I soon learned I had a kidney stone.  Believe me, this is not a pleasant experience!  Trying to wait for the lithotripsy procedure didn’t work out so well as I ended up in the emergency room one night for pain control.  Finally, I got the procedure and now am trying to learn how to sit and heal.  This is difficult for me, especially with kids home, etc.  Seems as soon as I feel better I do a few things and then pay the price with pain.  But as with the kidney stone…this too shall pass!

Enough of my Merry Medical stuff!  Christmas was wonderful seeing my family together.  We got to see Tatiana and that was a blessing as well. We have two great daughter in laws that make our family get togethers even more fun.  I am blessed to have my parents around also!  Still pretty healthy although showing their years.  We had fun Christmas day at their place with several of my brothers and their families.

A friend told me tonight that 2011 should be a great year for me since I  jump started the year by getting rid of health ailments right at the start!  Some people have to wait for bad things to happen to them as the year progresses.  I would like to think I got rid of them right away and now am on track for good things to start happening.

So…I hope your holidays were pleasant and filled with new fond memories. I also hope you have the confidence for looking for all the wonderful possibilities the new year can bring !

Happy 2011!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption


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  1. Posted by Alice Shaeffer on Monday, January10, 2011 at 3:35 p01

    You are blessed with a wonderful family Deb! Hope you have a happy and much healthier 2011!


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