Smell my Armpits, Mom!


Alex, now 11, has been bugging me lately to buy him deoderant.  He has noticed some of his older friends using it and was thinking it was time for him to get into the act.  Alex is all of 62 lbs and I have never smelled any body odor coming from his little body…even with his active lifestyle.  However, he wants so badly to grow and to not be the smallest one in his class…so I bought him a deoderant.  I happened to get the Irish Spring scent since I thought he’d like that.

So, of course, the first time he applied it he ran to me with his arms up high shouting, ” Mom, Smell my armpits!”  It was funny, but of course I had to seriously take a whiff of his manly smelling pits and tell him how wonderful he smelled.  I then hinted the girls would be all over him with that deoderant.  He gave his shy, sheepish grin and exclaimed, “Mom, stop it!”  I couldn’t help it though.

Is this another rite of passage that all pre-teens go through? I can’t believe I called Alex a ‘pre-teen’.  But even though he still looks like a kid to me, in his eyes he is soon to become a teen.  I tell you, if this mom—me—survives living through 5 teenagers—-than I CAN do anything!

Until next time…

Deborah Mumm, Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption

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