Waiting for your Child

Today I got the message that some friends of ours will have to wait another month to go get their new daughter in China. It is very frustrating and disappointing to wait for anything…especially a child.
Unlike a pregnancy, an adoption has no definite time line. It could go fast…but most likely, it will go unbearably slow.
People will say things like, “Haven’t you gotten that child yet?” Or…”Why don’t you just go over there and get her?” Or worse, “You aren’t still planning on adopting, are you?” And unlike a pregnant mother, you don’t have a belly showing signs of exploding, and you don’t wear a sign around your neck that states, ‘Expectant Mother’. Because even though you are not carrying that child physically, you are truly carrying him/her in your heart. You worry every day that they are still in an orphanage. Are they sick? Warm? Cold? Crying? The list goes on…. You just want him/her home yet the country that child is from seems to be in no hurry to make this happen.
We waited 7 months between Trip One and Trip Two…when we could bring home our two kids from Russia. It seemed like forever.
But then one day you are headed back over the ocean to scoop up your children and then life is never the same again. You are busy, morning til nightfall. There are days it is extremely difficult and you wonder to yourself if you really were crazy to take this adoption on. But the good days out number the difficult ones and you know that the wait was worth it.
So…those of you waiting….hang in there! The timing on adoption is all in place for a reason–a reason you may never know or understand…but worth the wait!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

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