First Visit Home

Hello Again!


If you follow my blog then you know that our daughter, Tatiana, has been away from home for over 6 months now. We needed to bring her home for a few days so the local high school could finish an evaluation on her. We did not want to do this when they first asked us to bring her home, but that was at Christmas. She wasn’t ready to come home for just a day…plus at the holidays to send her back without seeing the family would have been so mean!

We attended a Parent Workshop at Tatiana’s school last week for several days. It was actually nice to sit around a table with parents who all wore the same sign of pain on their hearts. We all have daughters who needed to be sent to away for therapy…for help. We didn’t have to hold our stories inside us because of fear of what others may think. We had all been there. I have to admit, I felt bad for the parents who had suffered divorce and didn’t have another support person in their life. I am happy every day that I can confide in my husband and that we help each other through this difficult journey.

We brought Tatiana home for 3 days…she learned that the drive was a long 8 hours…and discovered why we don’t visit her more often! She was great seeing our friends and family. She was especially happy to see two of her girlfriends who came over for pizza one night. (See the above photo of them clowning around!)

Dennis and I were scared, though. Having this girl back in our home brought back memories we wanted to forget. We wanted to forget how she acted last summer, but seeing her with friends in our home made us remember and our ‘guards’ went up! We wanted to trust her, but deep down we were afraid to. In the end, she was fine…a few moments of the ‘old Tatiana’ here and there…but mostly we are seeing a young lady who is changing for the better. She is getting stronger and more mature. She is learning to speak up when she feels uncomfortable…and we like that.

So—as she happily boarded the plane back to Omaha I couldn’t help feeling like I was finding a new daughter…one that I look forward to growing old with.

Until next time—

Deborah Mumm,
The Adoption Coach


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  1. Posted by Alice Shaeffer on Saturday, April9, 2011 at 3:35 p04

    Happy to hear your visit with your daughter went well! She looks great! Yes time will add a lot of maturity each year, too bad the years are so long. She will eventually grow up into a fine young lady, and you will be so proud of her. She will realize all she put you through, and be sorry for it. You’re a great family and God will bless you in the coming years I’m sure.


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