Coming Home!

This past week 2 daughters came home…to their ‘forever families’.

Tania with Alex

One was my teenage daughter…who was adopted into our family almost 7 years ago! She obviously found her forever family with us. However, last year she started to think she didn’t need a family. She wanted to do whatever she wanted, come home whenever, and never follow any of our rules. We took control with the situation by sending her to a Wilderness Camp and then a therapeutic boarding school, where she discovered she wants and needs a family…more than ever! She is working hard to learn coping skills and life skills so she can make good choices when she comes back home.
She came home for a long weekend this past week. She had written a long list of all the things she would accomplish while here. Things like—spending quality time with family, saying good night before heading to bed, coming home on time when with friends. She did them all…and was a joy to have around—the entire weekend! She was very proud of herself, and we love her for that!

Bringing Home my Sister

Our friends across town just brought home their new daughter from China recently. She is 5 and beautiful. Her older brother, by just a few months, was adopted from Russia. They are so cute together. I know they are going through a lot of changes in that house as they get used to another little person living there…one that doesn’t speak English and just came from an orphanage. So, I know there will be ‘melt-downs’…as she adjusts to a Whole New World. There will be melt downs by her brother, who adjusts to sharing his home and parents with a new sister…one that touches and plays with his stuff! I wish them the best of luck. I remember the chaos of the first 6 months adjusting. But it is all worth it.

Sometimes we just have to remember what we are working for. Helping adopted kids is not easy. They do not run to you and thank you for adopting them and changing their world. They have melt downs, they cry, they complain…and sometimes they break your heart. But they are your children, and you love them and care for them. They hug you and love you. Hopefully, when they are adults they will truly understand all that you did for them…and will appreciate it more fully. Until then, hang on for the ride of your life!

2 Daughters…coming home to the family that loves and wants them!

Deborah Mumm


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  1. Posted by Connie on Thursday, June2, 2011 at 3:35 p06

    This brought tears to my eyes as I read it. I have the privilege of being one of the Grandmas to the two in the picture of them riding in the pink car. He has been such a treasure & we already know she will be. They are both loved so much! Happy to read the good report about your daughter also.


  2. Wow Debbie, what an amazing article and more importantly what an amazing weekend your had with Tania! You truly are making a difference in their lives!


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