Summertime Fun & Chaos

The 'Bean'

Last week my girlfriend from CA came to visit. This year she brought her two sisters since they had a Cousins Reunion in the Chicago area. I haven’t seen her sisters since we were kids but we all got along great! The fact that Kellen came home from his travels to Italy and Tatiana came home for a long weekend pass added to the Full House Syndrome! The kids slept in our basement to give the 3 ladies rooms of their own.

Each day we planned something. Here are a few of the things we did while our CA guests were here. We went to Navy Pier, Sears (Willis) Tower, Marriott Lincolnshire play, Blue Man Group, shopping in Long Grove and an afternoon on the beach of Lake Michigan…plus Alex’s baseball tournament where his team took a surprising 2nd place!

On Sunday, I took my friends to Glenview where their cousin picked them up for their trip to Midway Airport and then home. I then picked up my parents and brought them back to our house where the kids piled in the van and we headed north to visit Pam and Brandon in Ripon, WI. They had a BBQ in their yard with lots of food, sun and games. We went to the local fireworks at dusk, which were great except for the millions of mosquitos we had to fight off!

We spent the night there, had a late breakfast and then headed back home. It has taken a few days to wash sheets and towels…and a general clean up. However, it was worth the fun we all had together this past week. Tatiana headed back to school in NE…but had a fabulous weekend here! We are getting more excited about her returning home for good this fall.

Now I am enjoying the quiet and the slower pace as I am down to 2 kids under our roof. Kellen is working for Dennis’ office doing some needed painting in buildings. He is happy to have some summer income! Alex is having fun with friends and summer activities!

Some people may complain when having too much going on, but I know that my life will not always be like this and I truly love spending time with family and friends. So enjoy your summer. Do something you like with a friend. It will create memories that are worth the effort.
Have a happy summer!

Deborah Mumm
The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption



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