In the Dark–for 4 Days!

Hello fellow readers.
It has been a few crazy weeks but felt I better write about the 4 days we had without electricity. Early on a Monday morning this July a quick storm blew through our area. The winds picked up so fast and the sky got so dark that I ran to Alex’s bedroom and woke him with the order, “Let’s get to the basement fast!” He picked up the cat as we headed to the basement. Soon, the lights flickered and then went out. The storm disappeared and we were fortunate that no damage to our home or property was done. But trees in the area were everywhere…many of them snapped in half.
We kept the house closed up to retain the cool air but after the first day, it got too warm to keep it closed. Kellen pulled out some game boards and he and Alex and I played the Game of Life.
As time went on, I got some coolers with ice and sent a lot of our food to my son, Travis. Kellen went over there as well…since they had air conditioning. So, I didn’t feel so bad about sending our food there, since I know that Kellen would eat a lot of it.
We slept in the basement each night but by the 4th day it was beginning to smell like a basement, and was dark and musty. I was getting very tired of having no food to cook, no phones, no lights, no fans, and worse of all…no internet.
The good news…I cleaned out both our refrigerators. They look great…except empty.
Thursday afternoon our power came on. The generators around the neighborhood were shut off. (Those were pretty noisy as we listened to them with our windows open.)
Neighbors did come out and chatted with each other…and that was nice!
I did realize how reliant I am on electricity. I really missed it. I sure hope we don’t have that happen again.
Have a great day….

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption


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