Homeschooling the Older Child

I made the commitment this week that I will be homeschooling Alex this school year. He is just too far behind to fit into a classroom with 20 other kids…and make progress. Of course, since he was adopted from Russia and wasn’t speaking English at age 6 he was off to a slow start right off the bat. We had him tested and it shows him to be very bright, with no real learning disabilities that we can pin point, but just VERY far behind kids his age.
So…I am jumping into Homeschooling. At first, I was dreading it and I know there will be days I will find it not fitting into ‘my’ schedule the best. But it has to be done and I know that one on one education will be the way he makes the most progress.

I have been getting tips from friends on Facebook which helps. The public library has many resources also that I am learning about. Wow! How many things have I learned since we adopted from Russia? I thought I learned a lot by being a mom of 3 boys, but adding these two children from a Russian institution has really taught me a lot! It is amazing.

If you have suggestions for me, I’d be glad to read about them. Alex is an active 12 yr. old boy…interested in Wars, guns, science, legos, video games and loves nature! He is not quite up to 4th grade level, so I need things that keep his interest and aren’t too ‘babyish!’

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption


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  1. Deborah,
    New Practice Readers by Phonix Learning Resources are a great tool to quickly and systimaticly improve your sons reading skills. Each lesson is three paragraphs.
    1. Go over vocab orally with him.
    2. Read a sentence to him, or paragraph.
    3. He reads the sentence or paragraph, following where he is at with his dominate hand.
    4. You read the whe story.
    5. He reads the whole story.
    6. Orally discuss what has been read.
    This took my 4th grade son from a poor reader to now being in 8th grade and reading and comprehension of 11th grade. It is outside of the usual school “box” so it feels uncomfortable for you as the teacher, but I have the proof in my family.
    These books were designed to tea,h adults to learn to read so the content is science, historh etc not little kid stuff.
    We are in the process of adopting three girls ages 6,9,12 from India and this is part of my homeschool plan for when they come. Karla


    • Karla,
      Thanks for the information on this. I will look into it. Math is his weakest area. He can’t seem to retain info and I think some of this may be from fetal alcohol issues. He was the 5th child of an alcoholic mom. I don’t see many other issues, thankfully, but am working with someone who does brain stimulation and we are starting to see him ‘wake up’.
      Best of luck on your adoption of the 3 girls. It is a challenging journey and hopefully, you will not have major issues. Sounds like you are pretty resourceful, which is important when adopting older kids! I’d love to hear more about your adoption journey as I don’t hear from many who adopt from India. I just know it is one of the neediest countries for adoption!



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