Having Faith when Life gets Difficult

Hi All!
Sometimes I think God is constantly testing me to see if I really have faith in Him. I do believe I am a good Christian, but wonder why I have to keep proving it.

First…we adopt two kids from Russia and that process was more than most people would ever be able to endure. We get them home and then we have the rollercoaster of life…adjusting to these kids and their issues, finding schools, therapists,and more! We spent the last year getting help for our teenage daughter so she could learn to believe in herself and learn to make good choices in her life. It was rough, but now we are seeing a beautiful girl who is so much stronger because of the therapy we have committed her to.

Just when things were starting to look brighter, my youngest son’s school tells us they aren’t a good fit for him…and recommend home school! Home school? That would involve me…a lot….right? I searched all summer for a school that might be able to work with him. But, no…he is just too far behind academically.

Sitting at church last week the priest seemingly did his sermon just for me. Do we trust in God? Do we know we are not alone and that he is always there to help us? I actually listened intently as I pondered the thought of homeschooling. In my head I was screaming at the priest, “But I don’t want to homeschool him! I am scared I might do it all wrong!”

Then, amazingly, just as I thought these things a woman’s voice announced, “Please open your hymnals and sing, ‘Be not Afraid!”
I felt like standing up and saying, “Really? Can this be happening to me? I am afraid…how can I not be afraid?” As I sang the song with the rest of the church I became more calm and realized God was speaking to me at that moment. I needed to have faith and know that I need to teach my son this year.

Is it going to be easy? Probably not. But I do think God is giving me a chance to save this boy from going down the same path his sister did…feeling inadequate, stupid and thinking he can only be friends with kids who have problems.

And, the best part…I really am not alone. I have God. I have friends who have offered to help me. I am discovering a whole new world of homeschoolers who are willing to help me. I’ll be the first to tell you this isn’t going to be easy. But adoption was not easy. Being a parent is not easy. It is another challenge for me that will probably just make me stronger! (again!)
Do you think God will ever think I am strong enough now and quit throwing challenges my way? I don’t know. Maybe he thinks these things all make me a better person. And maybe it is.

I love my life, my husband, and my kids. So I guess I just have to keep my faith when life gets difficult. I am not alone.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption


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  1. That was Great! thanks for sharing that. I appreciate it.

    God bless,



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