Online Teaching Program for Homeschoolers

Granted, I am new to homeschooling but I have found an online teaching program that is reinforcing skills for my son in a way that is fun and amusing. It is called Time 4 Learning. You can find it at
Today I worked on synonyms and antonyms. We watched the Lesson video and then did a Quiz video. It was animated like a Game Show and there were big cheers for the Bonus Round…just like on TV. He had to read passages and answer questions. If he answered incorrectly it went through an explanation of what his answer meant and then had him go back and re-choose another answer. He liked it and it made the lesson more fun than just teaching from a book or a worksheet.

I have already had to change the educational level we are working on and they let you do this at any time. So if you find your child is lacking skills in a particular area you can go to an earlier level and re-teach it.

It keeps track of the time your child spends on an activity and also the scores on all the quizzes. If your child needs a break it has a fun area called The Playground. There they can choose fun games and activities to play. You set the timer on this. Alex has 12 minutes for recess and then the activity stops and the child must return back to School.

Check it out!
Time 4 Learning

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
Everything for Adoption


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