Teenage Therapy

Teenage Therapy– bottom line is that it WORKS!
Attending our daughter’s therapeutic boarding school this past weekend for a Family Therapy Workshop, we saw how therapy can change a troubled teen.

We had attended a Workshop last spring and some of the same girls were still there so we could see the changes they had made. Five months ago there weren’t many smiles from these girls. This time their faces glowed when they smiled, including our daughter, who is getting close to being discharged from the program.

The first night the girls put on a Talent Show for their parents. We commented that we could have easily been in a school or church hall watching a dozen teenage girls showing off their talents. One after another girls would go up front and either sing, dance, recite poetry or read something they wrote. One girl wrote a letter called, Dear Drugs, and shared how she no longer felt controlled by drugs. She let everyone know how drugs had almost killed her and had destroyed most of her relationships with friends and family. In the end she said, “Goodbye Drugs. I don’t need you anymore.”

Each girl looked like the girl next door—wholesome, pretty and healthy. The newer girls to the school appeared more strained and smiles didn’t come easy to them. Those who have been there longer are learning they can be better people and are feeling the positive changes. They beamed with pride at the applause of proud parents. It was touching, since I knew most of these parents never dreamed they’d get the chance to see their girls do something that made them proud. Most, like us, had been hurt by our daughters’ actions and were afraid we would lose them forever. It was a happy night for us all!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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