Teenage Driver with my Car

It had to happen sooner or later. The daughter who could get lost in a shoe box is out driving my car. She got her license today…a very happy day for her. Don’t get me wrong. I will like it when she runs to the store for milk, or drops her brother off at a practice, but I am going to miss my car when I want to run to the post office or do something spontaneous.
Yes, there will be rules. She cannot use it to drive friends all over town…since many of them do not have their license yet. Because she is still unemployed and unable to buy gas, I will not let her use it just because she wants something to do. This will bother her, for sure. She is not one to sit in the house when the car is sitting in the garage waiting for her to go to someone’s house.
So, those of you that have had the new teenage driver that only has your car to drive, can relate to my distress.

My car is gone! I am stranded in my house waiting for a teenage girl who thinks I have ‘no life’ any way. Hmmm….

Until next time–

Deborah Mumm
The Adoption Coach

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