Misunderstood Word #124

As I write this post I realize that in the seven years since we adopted our two kids from Russia, we’ve had a lot of language misunderstandings.  I have shared many of them in this blog over the years. To a stranger one would never guess these two used to speak fluent Russian.  We don’t have many misunderstandings these days so it took me off guard when Alex misunderstood me yesterday.

It is March in the Midwest so it is not unusual to have dry skin and lips.  Alex’s lips have gotten bad in the past week so I am constantly reminding him to put something on them to help heal them.

Yesterday, before he headed out the door, I suggested he put a little vasoline on his chapped lips.  He immediately began complaining how he did not want to do that.  He then added, “And how do I do that anyway?  How do I put a little gasoline on my lips?”

I had to chuckle.  I then added that I said vasoline…like ChapStick…would be a lot better than gasoline. He was still very serious about the gasoline idea and shook his head in dismay still thinking people may actually do that!  Crazy, huh? 

Do you remember any funny things your kids have said?

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption

One response to this post.

  1. Ok, this was from my bio son at about 8 years old. We were packing for a weekend trip and I said, “don’t forget your toiletries”, he quickly yelled, “GROSS! Toilet treats, what are toilet treats!” So of course now, 12 years later, whenever he packs the whole family tells him not to forget is Toilet Treats!


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