Hope for the Future


As I write this I feel somewhat optimistic about our teenage daughter who no longer lives with us. She seems to be feeling better about herself and is acting happier.  We did give her back the phone she earned at discharge from the therapeutic boarding school…so she calls or texts me fairly often.  I was proud of the fact that I took her iphone to an Apple store and had them show me how to shut off all the apps, WiFi, and extras with a passcode, so that all she had was a basic phone.  We just feel better she has a phone for safety issues and for any future employment. She still doesn’t have a job and really isn’t working too hard on that. Bills are stacking up and she will learn the hard way as to what happens when you don’t pay them.

She came home today for just a few hours.  She wanted to see Alex.  I took them both to a local beach so they could hang out there.  Alex was so happy to have time with her…he couldn’t stop smiling. He made her a bracelet out of duct tape and wrote, ‘I Love You’ on it.  It was cute.

He wasn’t as polite when she left with her boyfriend, but he is jealous/mad that she is with him and not here at home.

One day at a time….

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption

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