Grandpa’s Honor Flight

This week my dad enjoyed the day with other WWII Veterans as they took an Honor Flight to DC and back.  They were treated to tours of memorials, lunch and more.  On the way home they got letters from Family and Friends and then over 2000 people met them at the airport!  Very exciting day for him.

He was delighted to see our teenage daughter there with us as we greeted him back home.  It was her choice to join us even though she knew she’d have to face the entire family…first time since she left our home almost 2 months ago.  Everyone was happy to see her and she behaved herself nicely…helping make it a day for Grandpa.

It hasn’t always been easy to be tough with her and not giving in to all the things she thinks she wants and needs…but she is learning that we all love her and are trying to get her to see what it means to be part of a family.  Right now it looks like it is working and we are cautiously optimistic that we can continue to see more of her and slowly add her back into our lives.

Deborah Mumm

Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption

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