The Prisoner’s Office

In the Prisoners Office

When Alex was in First grade, and not yet having a total grasp on English, would come home telling us about the ‘prisoner’ that wandered the hallways in his school.  He loved ‘the prisoner’.  He was really nice.   We wondered who this was, but figured the school would not let real prisoners roam the school hallways.

As time went on Alex told us about the ‘prisoners office’ which he visited when he got in trouble.  Putting 2+2 together, we learned he was talking about the Principal’s Office.  At the School Open House we met the principal and shared this with her.  She laughed saying she never thought of her office like that before…but maybe a first grader’s perspective is rather eye-opening.

After a year of homeschooling, Alex learned another life lesson yesterday.  You cannot say certain things in public places…especially schools…without getting in trouble.  He was very upset when he came home knowing he’d spend the day in that ‘Prisoner’s Office’ the next day.

We had some good discussions about choosing the words that come out of your mouth.  I couldn’t believe he told the principal that he had ‘anger issues’…which he doesn’t.  So today Alex is doing his school work in the Principal’s Office and hopefully learning an important lesson.

I told him…Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the time!

Life Lessons.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption

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