Oh Happy Day!

Instead of asking the middle school class of kids what they did over summer vacation, my son’s teacher asked, ” What was the happiest day in your life?”  Good question.  This was bound to bring some interesting topics out of this bunch of 12 and 13 yr. olds. She was a bit surprised when my son decided to share his happiest day.

‘The happiest day of my life was when my family adopted me from Russia.  I am so happy to have a family.” Alex beamed while he told the teacher about how he used to live in an orphanage and how he waited for someone to come get him.  The teacher was a bit shocked that he was so willing to share this and emailed me about it. She added that he must really be happy to not be afraid to share this with a bunch of kids he really didn’t know very well yet.

I guess we talk about adoption openly in our home. We share with Alex how happy we are that we have him in our family.  I guess he is listening.

Oh happy day!

If only more kids waiting in orphanages could find families—

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach



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