After I sleep…

Saturday, December 09, 2006

After I Sleep…

For the longest time Alex had problems with the concept of time. To explain ‘tomorrow’ he understood ‘After I Sleep’ for that term. Suddenly, this morning he was telling me something and said, “We will do that tomorrow, right Mom?” I was pretty amazed.
As a parent we work and work on things with our kids and hope that someday they will understand. Then suddenly, the light bulb goes on, the kid finally ‘gets it’ and we are left feeling just a wee bit sad that our kid is growing up and changing. Just doesn’t make sense, does it?

It wasn’t long ago that Alex was looking through some old photos of when my older boys were little. He looked at me in all seriousness and asked why I didn’t come and get him out of the orphanage sooner. It kind of breaks your heart. Baby photos of Alex will never be a part of our lives but things we do together now will be fond memories for us in the future.

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