Angelina Jolie & her Adoption Facts

Angelina Jolie & Vietnam Adoption Facts


Angelina Jolie has issued a press release answering some of the questions surrounding her latest adoption.

  • Adoptions from the Heart is the agency that worked with Jolie on this latest adoption.
  • This adoption was not “fast-tracked” as she began the process last summer.
  • She followed all of the same procedures that are expected of all prospective adoptive parents.
  • She did not pick the child out last November, but received a referral on the child.
  • She accepted the first referral given to her.
  • She has not made or promised to make any financial contributions to the orphanage.

There has been a lot of media around this little boy and Angelina Jolie has expressed concern in other reports about how she is sorry that such a media frenzy has been brought into his life. She is worried about how it will affect him. Do you realize how far the media has gone with this story? The press has published in various news articles copies of Pax Thien’s passport and adoption paperwork complete with Angelina Jolie’s famous signature! I think it’s appalling. The press has gone way too far. No one needs to see these things; this family and this child’s confidentiality have been violated.


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