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Halloween Treats for Your Sweets

Healthy Halloween dish

Halloween Treats for Your Sweets. (click!)

I found this blog and it has some amazing Halloween party ideas.  Most I will never attempt, but they are really cool looking.

Do you have a special spooky recipe you want to share??

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

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Halloween Lake County IL 2012

Halloween Lake County IL 2012

Each year I do a service for parents by posting the Lake County IL communities times and days for Trick or Treating–or Halloween.  It appears all towns are saying they are having Halloween on the actual day… Wed., Oct. 31st.  This could change but this is what has been reported to me.

Have a safe, yet fun Halloween this year!

Here are the Trick or Treat times….

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Times: Wednesday

Below find a list of Lake County Communities Trick or Treat hours held on October 31st.

Antioch – 4pm-7pm,

Bannockburn – 3:30pm-7pm,

Barrington – 4pm-7pm,

Buffalo Grove – 2pm-7pm,

Deer Park – 4pm-7pm,

Deerfield – 3pm-7pm,

Fox Lake – 4pm-7pm,

Fox River Grove – 3:30pm-7:30pm,

Grandwood Park – 5pm-8pm,

Grayslake – 4pm-7pm,

Hawthorn Woods – 4pm-8pm,

Highwood – 3pm-8pm,

Highland Park – 3:30pm-7pm,

Kildeer – 3pm-8pm,

Lake Bluff – 4pm-7pm,

Lake Forest – 4pm-8pm,

Lake Villa – 4:30pm-7pm,

Lake Zurich – 3pm-8pm,

Libertyville – 4pm-8pm,

Lincolnshire – 4pm-8pm,

Lindenhurst – 4pm-7pm,

Mundelein – 4pm-8pm,

North Barrington – 3pm-7pm,

Vernon Hills – 4pm-8pm,

Volo – 4pm-8pm,

Wauconda – 4pm-8pm,

Wildwood 4pm-7pm

Winthrop Harbor – 4pm-7pm.

Times are subject to change.

Deborah Mumm

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Hidden Adoption Story

Here is a great story shown recently on 20/20 about a famous US Olympic gymnast who learns her parents had a secret…they let her younger sister be adopted by another family. It is a powerful story of how ‘nature’ can be as powerful as ‘nurture’. It also shows that being adopted can be the hope a child needs.

This is a great story of hope….

Deborah Mumm

Grandpa’s Honor Flight

This week my dad enjoyed the day with other WWII Veterans as they took an Honor Flight to DC and back.  They were treated to tours of memorials, lunch and more.  On the way home they got letters from Family and Friends and then over 2000 people met them at the airport!  Very exciting day for him.

He was delighted to see our teenage daughter there with us as we greeted him back home.  It was her choice to join us even though she knew she’d have to face the entire family…first time since she left our home almost 2 months ago.  Everyone was happy to see her and she behaved herself nicely…helping make it a day for Grandpa.

It hasn’t always been easy to be tough with her and not giving in to all the things she thinks she wants and needs…but she is learning that we all love her and are trying to get her to see what it means to be part of a family.  Right now it looks like it is working and we are cautiously optimistic that we can continue to see more of her and slowly add her back into our lives.

Deborah Mumm

Adoption Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling

Now that I am Homeschooling Alex this year I find I do get a lot of questions about it. This little video, done by a once homeschooled kid, is a bit sarcastic…but humorous. These are some of the questions we hear about homeschooling. Just today, Alex commented to me that he doesn’t want to go back to a regular school. He doesn’t feel stupid here and there is no peer pressure. I think he misses the activity of going to school, but I have him enrolled in plenty of extra-curricular activities so he gets to socialize a lot with other kids.
Here’s the video. What do you think?

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach
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Free-Range Kids- Do you have one?

Does your kid know how to play with other kids without an adult around supervising? Does your kid create new games or rules with friends? Does your kid know how to play outside in the yard or at the park without a parent? This is a nice video stressing how adults have become too controlling in our kids lives. Our kids don’t play like we played when we were kids.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Deborah Mumm
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Adopted Kids & Parents Meet!

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the end of 2011 and the new beginnings of 2012 by having our local Adoption Support Group over for a little party. It was a great time. A dozen kids, all adopted, got to meet other families created by adoption. The parents all seemed to enjoy talking about their kids, their adoption stories and more!
The common theme I heard was…’Parenting is great but full of challenges, whether your kids are adopted or not.’
I do realize, speaking from experience, that being an adoptive parent can be more challenging if your adopted children come to you with issues. (This is not to say that biological kids don’t come with issues, but sometimes Adoption issues are created by ‘adoption’.) To be adopted means that someone gave you away. I know this is actually a choice for many women, and a wonderful one for the child in most cases.
Adoption is a journey and it doesn’t end once your child is home. Many times things come up that we need to deal with because the child suffers from an inner loss of some kind, usually brought on by the idea of being adopted. Therapy by someone trained in Adoption issues is my first recommendation. Healing can come with time!
It was wonderful to see so many kids in my home that are adopted! We had some from the USA and some from Russia and China. However, they all blended beautifully together.
My 18 yr. old daughter, adopted from Russia was found in her room surrounded by little girls, from China, Russia and USA. So she did what any ordinary teenage girl might do…paint all their nails. The little girls were thrilled!
I am attaching a photo of all the kids at the party. It was a great way to start the new year! All of us….Blessed by Adoption.

Deborah Mumm
Everything for Adoption