Going to Russia?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Going to Russia

A friend of ours recently told us he was heading to Moscow for a business trip. Dennis & spoke a little bit about what we remembered of Moscow from our adoption trip 2 years ago. Suddenly Alex got all excited and asked, “Who is he coming home with? A boy or a girl?”
We had to explain that not every trip to Russia meant a child from an orphanage was coming home to America. Although when we remember those sweet little faces at the orphanage that called us ‘Mama & Papa’ we wish just a few more people were going to Russia to bring home a child.
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Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach



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  1. Hi, I am not looking to adopt a child (I am 15 years old), but I was thinking about sending money to an orphanage in Russia. I contacted somebody else but he was in Russia and since I don’t speak Russian very well and he didn’t speak English very well I don’t think he really understood me. So I was wondering if you know if this would be possible? (The Russian guy said it wasn’t I think, but I don’t know why that would be). And if it is, how should I go about it?

    When I’m an adult, I might just adopt a Russian child too.

    Thanks so much, Nicola


    • It is very commendable of you, Nicola, to want to give money to an orphanage. There is a lot of corruption in Russia so you must be careful who you give your money to. We have sent boxes of clothes and other items that have never made it to orphanages. Someone most likely stole the boxes and sold it on the Black Market. People are desperate for American money…it is valuable there. I highly recommend working through a reputable organization that helps Russian orphans directly. Go to... http://www.orphanslifeline.org/
      They can be trusted. They have a great website where you can find out other ways to help.
      Thanks again.

      Everything for Adoption


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