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Embarrassing Parenting Moments


I am a mom of 5 kids.  All have very distinct personalities. I love them each for who they are. But as a mom, there have been times I have wanted to dig a big hole and crawl in it when my child has said or done embarrassing things.  The good news is that we are not alone in this department, but when these moments occur we tend to not be thinking of that.

Here are just a few of the things my kids have done that I laugh about now, but was probably stammering and red-faced at the moment.

My oldest son was always very serious and liked things to be correct in his mind.  One day at the local grocery store we saw a very large woman bending over in the Ice Cream freezer.  We were not getting the best view of this woman.  She was very large. My son, about 4, shouts to me in what seemed to be his loudest voice, “Mommy, that lady sure doesn’t need any more ice cream, does she?”  I tried to move quickly past the woman and act like I didn’t hear him.  However, he wanted an answer so proceeded to say it again…even louder…with a “I’m right, Mommy.  Right? She shouldn’t eat more ice cream.”  The lady then looked right at us and glared.  It was horrible.

Another time was at a boys baseball game.  It was very hot out and a big guy strolled by us with no shirt on…and was a very hairy guy. My son then exclaimed, “Look, a hairy monkey!”

I could go on and on.  I am hoping to hear some great stories from other parents on embarrassing moments they have had with their kids.

Parenting is fun….just keep saying this!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach– Everything for Adoption




Alex–Our NEW Kid who likes school!

The reason I say Alex is our NEW kid is not because he was adopted into our family 4 years ago from a Russian orphanage.  It is because for the past 3 years in the public school he was miserable.  He felt stupid and was becoming a behavior problem in the classroom.  The teachers didn’t know what to do with him.

This fall we put him into a private school called The Delphi Academy which is over an hour drive away.  He has to get up very early and leave the house by 6:30 am.  He doesn’t get home until after 5 pm… a long day for a little boy who loves to ‘play’.  However, he is thriving in this school.  The teacher conference was today and she claimed he is moving quickly through the reading program.  Yes…he isn’t into 2nd grade reading yet, but will be soon.  His self-esteem is high and he feels good about himself.  He is happy most of the time so I know we did the right thing in moving him to this new school.  The public school just didn’t know where ‘orphanage delays’ fit into a learning plan.  This new school does individual learning plans for each child so Alex is moving at his pace…and he feels good about it.

And so do we!



Mommy…they say they don’t believe in Santa!

Well, I kind of knew this was coming.  Alex was very upset last week after school.  It seems some of his friends told him there was no Santa.  Just to bring you up to date with Alex…he celebrated his first Christmas at age 5 1/2 after we adopted him from Russia.  That Christmas didn’t mean too much too him as he didn’t speak English and it was pretty overwhelming.  Each Christmas after that, he began to understand the concept of Christmas…even the religious aspect of it.  And even though Alex technically is 9 years old he is physically and mentally about age 7.  He is even in a class with first grade level students this year and is doing great.  Most of his friends at home range in age from 7 – 11…and that is where the problem lies.

I am not sure why kids have to tell kids everything…maybe to show they are not babies anymore.  However, Alex has had so few Christmas’s to enjoy the concept of ‘Santa’ that I had hoped we could squeeze another year or so out of it.  His enthusiasm for the holidays is a pleasant relief to the ‘ho-hums’ from teenagers and older.

So I asked him what he thought about Santa.  He said, “Of course I believe in Santa!”, in a very determined voice.  ‘Well then”, I said, “that’s great, because once you stop believing than Santa can no longer come to your house.”  But the truth of the matter is, Santa always came to our house, even after Kellen no longer believed.  And I think Kellen hung onto that belief longer because of the fear he may lose out on ‘Santa’ gifts once he declared his disbelief.

So, just like the newspaper reported 100 years ago or so…Yes, Alex, there is a Santa Claus! He lives in all of us.  With Thanksgiving this week and family all heading to our house, the excitement will be high in Alex’s life.  (He loves having his older brothers home!)  With a touch of snow on the ground this morning, he is definitely thinking of Christmas now.  I just hope we can keep that extra sparkle of happiness alive here this holiday season.  Alex and I met Santa two years ago here in Lake Co., IL.  Below is his photo!  He touched Alex with his story of how badly he felt he couldn’t come to his orphanage in Russia, but wanted him to know he always cared about him.  Check out his site…  Santa Believes in Kids!

How did you tell your kids about Santa Claus…and about how old were they?

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach….



Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007Alex has a little Halloween program this morning I am getting ready to go to.  I could hear him practice his songs in the bath tub last night.  He actually has a pretty nice voice.  I am thinking music may be  one area in which Alex may excel in someday.  When a song comes on he likes he is immediately toe-tapping to it or humming along.

Alex has several costumes this year to choose from for Halloween.  My sister sent him a cowboy costume and even though he was that last year he is quite fun of carrying a gun and wearing cowboy boots.  I think it’ll be the costume again this year.  Tania has changed her mind hundreds of times and although she got a cute girls pirate costume from Aunt Peggy she will probably be too ‘cool’ to wear it out of the house.  I am enclosing photos of them in their costumes.

Hard to believe it is their 4 th Halloween.  I remember the first one and Alex…then 5…was pretty scared of all the people in costumes and masks.  I still don’t think he likes that part of it!  But just think of these kids, who got one piece of hard candy for Christmas in a Russian orphanage, could go door to door and people throw in handfuls of candy.  It must have been like heaven to them!

Happy Halloween!

Debbie…the Adoption Coach….