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Learn about International Adoption


Do you know someone who wants to learn about the adventures of adoption?  Which countries have available children?  How much does it cost?  How long does it take?

Bob & Carol Murdock, from Int’l Family Services will do live conference calls to help answer these questions…plus the many more you may have.

Here is a link for more information—

Adventures into Adoption Teleconference Calls

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Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

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A Real Adoption Story from China

This is a bit long, but so worth reading. These are friends of ours who adopted from Russia several years ago and are in China TODAY adopting a 5 year old girl. Because she is in the special needs program, the adoption has gone much faster than traditional Chinese adoptions. She is very cute…and sweet natured. Here is the mom’s email from China to us!


This morning we headed to the Wuhan center for international adoption and entered a nice large open room and began filling out paperwork. At one point I turned around to see a group of women carrying in two children: a little boy and another small child who looked like a beautiful girl I’d seen in some pictures. I excitedly said to Ken, “Is that her?” and we both turned away from our guide and the paperwork at hand and just stared at her. Sure enough, they brought her over, Ken grabbed the camera and started recording and they put her in front of me and said something and she smiled and said “Mommy” and then they got her to turn to Ken and say “Daddy”. Pretty soon they had her kiss me and hug me and everyone had a camera and were taking pictures. I didn’t have a clue who any of them were at the time, but they were all full of smiles. Little Zhang Xiang Lan, soon to be known as Ella Marie, was decked out in the fanciest clothes–much fancier than anything we brought for her! I quickly started pulling things out of the little backpack we brought for her. First was the little purse (which was also a little backpack itself) and I took out a bracelet and put it around her wrist–her left wrist because she already had a nice bracelet on her right wrist. She smiled. Then I pulled out the Hello Kitty sunglasses and those were such a huge hit, both for Ella and her caretakers. The cameras really flashed as she showed those off, and wore them most of the rest of the time there. Then I put a necklace around her neck that is the Chinese symbol for “loved”. She is still wearing that. She was quiet and smiled off and on. She brushed the little horse and doll’s hair that we brought, looked at herself in the little mirror that was in her purse and on and on. We could not have been happier.

Now mind you, the entire time that she is contentedly looking at us and getting acquainted with her new things, a little 2-year-old boy is screaming his lungs out to the point that none of us can hardly hear each other. We had met the new family of this little boy at breakfast this morning. They are from TN and have 2 children with them and 2 younger children at home, one of which is adopted from China. They were having such a hard time this morning. We felt so bad for them but so relieved for us. I am praying that their little guy has calmed down by now and will adjust just fine over the next few days. Having his siblings there should help. I’m wishing Nickolas was here to play with Ella. We will most likely see this family at meals over the next couple of days.

Our little sweetie pie covered her eyes and cried quietly for a few minutes on the ride back to the hotel and then dozed off in my arms for a bit. She has had her first taste of Cheerios and goldfish and likes both 🙂 We ordered room service of rice and some green cooked vegetable, along with bamboo shoots. She ate plenty, some with chopsticks, some with a fork and some with a spoon. She has no idea how to use a straw though, so I took the straw out of her cup. So she would take a drink and then put the straw back after each drink. She likes to put things in place. When the, as of now still unknown green vegetable fell off the plate as I was cutting it, she picked it up and put it back on the plate. I set out her new shoes and she took hers off eventually and lined them up by her new ones. She has used many crayons and made sure each one was tucked back into the box before she got down from the chair. I pulled a sun hat our of a suitcase and put it on her head and she wore it for a while, then removed it and trotted back over to the suitcase and put it away. So stinking cute! She has kept herself busy with sticker books, taking each sticker off the page and putting them all on one other page until each sticker was used. She has used the little potty that was brought to our room. We are just amazed at all of it. We were told that she never stopped talking her entire trip to Wuhan, but she has only occasionally whispered a word to us so far. The workers all seemed to love her. They said she was the star and now the orphanage will not be as bright without her.

She is currently napping–fell asleep with no orphanage behavior, just dozed off. Her nap was much later than usual today, so we’ll see how our night goes. The orphanage director sat down and through our guide, informed us of her daily routine and we were allowed to ask any questions we had. They brought us the most unbelievable scrapbook filled with pictures of Ella and her orphanage friends, along with words and phrases in English and Chinese and adorable hand-drawings to decorate each page. What a gift that is, both for us and to Ella! [Theresa–we showed Ella pictures of your little girl and she just kept looking at it and I attempted to say her name and Ella corrected me. Then we found her in the scrapbook! So they definitely know each other. I will try to get more details about her tomorrow] A little boy came with them today whom they say is Ella’s best buddy–he is 6 and has many physical special needs and they were taking him to see a dr. in town. They gave me his name in hopes that he would be adopted someday and we would be able to get in touch with him somehow. We took many group photos.

Can you tell my head is spinning?? Wow, we know there still might be some rough days ahead, and I’m not just talking about her teenage years!! ha! but so far, we are so thankful and feeling so blessed. Thank you so very much for your prayers on our behalf. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Amen!
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What is a Special Needs Adoption?

I used to think the ‘Special Needs’ meant some huge deformity or health issue in a child. However, especially in China, a special needs child can have very minimal issues. 85% of the kids in Chinese orphanages are listed as special needs. That can be an older child, a child with a missing finger, or a child with a birthmark…or more serious issues.
Take a look at this video that shows different types of Special Needs Children available for adoption. It will open your eyes to a new path for adoption. A child with a label of Special Needs can usually be adopted faster than a child without that label.

Here is the Special Needs Adoption video.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Deborah Mumm
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