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When I was 5—

Alex, adopted from Russia at age 5, will constantly refer to things that happened when he was small as “When I was 5”.  Example: “When I was 5 I didn’t like to wear my seat belt.”  However, when he was 5 in Russia he never had to wear a seat belt for 2 reasons…1-they don’t wear seat belts in Russia (they laughed at us when we struggled to put them on) and 2-Alex had never been in a car until we brought him home to the US.

“When I was 5 I didn’t like this kind of food.”   He probably didn’t have that food in Russia.

Actually, Alex’s life in America began at age 5.  His life with a family, friends, food, activities, etc., all began at age 5.  So we smile when we hear him say to his friends, “When I was 5….”  It’s where it all  began for him.  Before 5 was a confusing time, with not much order or sense to him.  Living in an orphanage he must have felt a little confused.

I know my heart almost broke when he asked me one day why we didn’t come to get him sooner.  He said, “Mom, I was waiting and waiting for you.”  How sad that a little boy should have to wonder where his Mom is and why she isn’t there for him.

How many millions of children are right now wishing their mom or dad would come and get them…take them out of that orphanage and bring them home?  Their lives would also change forever…just like Alex’s did.  When he was 5.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption