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Presents for Poor Kids?

Gifts for Needy Kids


We went to church this morning and brought along our gift of Legos for a little boy named Nicholas. Alex had helped me pick them out and then we wrapped them to take to church. Our church has a huge congregation…about 5000 families! About 2100 name tags had been placed on tables at the back of church the past few weeks filled with names of people who wanted Christmas gifts this year. All the tags had been taken. Being a little tight on funds this year we had Alex pick out just one tag he could relate to and when I saw the tag for a boy who loved Legos, I knew this would be the gift he could help with.

When it came time for people to bring their gifts to the front of church, a huge mass of men, women and children lined the aisles with wrapped gifts, bikes and more. When they sat down the front of church was ablaze with colorfully wrapped presents, almost to the ceiling. It touched me with emotion and, I admit, I teared up. Father had us imagine 2100 people all happy on Christmas because they had a gift to open. I couldn’t help but think of the millions of kids around the world, and especially in orphanages, that never get a present. When we brought Alex and Tatiana home we had to show Alex how to open a present as he had never seen one before.

The first Christmas they were with us and they saw the massive pile of gifts at the church alter, I remember Alex tugging on my sleeve and asking who all the presents were for. I told him they were for poor kids who didn’t have any toys. Just a few months before this, Alex was one of those kids….living in a Russian orphanage…with no toys of his own. So, he looked at me and said, “Am I a poor kid?” I was happy to tell him that ‘No, you are not a poor kid anymore.’ I think at that moment he may have been a bit disappointed he wasn’t poor, since the amazing church full of presents was overwhelming to this little boy who had never seen a present until a few months before.

So…yes…we did help one more boy this Christmas to get something he had on his list. Did we help hundreds of people? least not this year! But we did make a difference to that one boy and that is what matters.

Are you making a difference to someone in need this holiday season? A gift, food or friendly words are important to many people in need. See if you can make someone’s holiday a bit brighter.

If you want to give to a great organization that actually gets 100% of their gifts or money directly to the most desperate orphanages, then go to….

Help Orphans

Take care—-

Deborah Mumm

Medical Advice for Adoptive Parents?

I found this news story on YouTube discussing the International Adoption Clinics and why they are important. This was a news story about the Medical University of South Carolina. Now understand that this is just one facility of many across the country that offer this service. I wanted to post it here so that you could get a feel as to what really happens during this stage of the adoption.

hope this helps in easing your decision to accept your referral and it will aide in getting the right child with the right family. Remember, this is an exciting time but also take in consideration, it will be the hardest decision you will have to make in your life. Do not take it lightly.

Here’s to your adoption success!

I hope this helps!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Attachment Issues and the Adopted Child

For many months before we adopted our two kids from Russia we got to watch their brief videos of them talking and playing.  We also had photos hung on our refrigerator to remind us of what we were working towards.  These two kids, however, did not learn they were being adopted until we were on Russian soil.  They had no time to think about it, dream about it or even imagine who we were.  We were strangers taking them to a strange new country to live.

We were blessed that our two seemed to attach to us fairly quickly…calling us Mama and Papa and freely giving hugs, etc.  Tania still is not too attached to Dennis, my husband, but she had a lot of bad things happen to her in Russia at the hands of several men.  She is going to counseling to learn how to deal with men.

Here is an article I wrote on how to help your children attach to you more quickly… 

These are all things we did try to work on and I felt they did help.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach,

Getting People to Consider Adopting Orphans

I can’t tell you how many times after I tell people about our 2 adopted kids they say things like, ‘I’d adopt in a minute if we had the money’ or ‘I always thought it’d be great to adopt but I’m just too scared.’  So—I couldn’t help think of the over 100 million kids waiting for families and the number of families we have here in the US that could help them but are just too afraid.

So.. I deviced a system called Adoption Highway.  It is designed to help people through the adoption process…help them find the money, do the homestudy, learn a little of the language & customs and so much more.  It takes the FEAR FACTOR out of adoption.

Here is my little commercial for it.

Let me know what you think…ok?  Thanks.

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Santa is the Best!

I had to sit back and smile when Alex, now 8, announced after opening his Christmas gifts, “Santa is the best!”.  This is from a kid that just a few years ago was in an orphanage at Christmas…a day just like every other day.  I remember when he first came home to us at 5 1/2 and he had to be shown how to open a present since he had never seen one before.  His first two Christmas’s with us were fun, yet he didn’t really understand what was going on and that he could actually ask for presents and maybe even get them. 

This year he was thrilled to help put up the tree and go through the ornaments making us look at each one as he recalled memories of them from before.  So now he has Christmas memories…and it is a great thing.  He was still a little afraid of Santa but did ask him for Star Wars stuff…and he got a lot of it.  He pretty much ran on adrenaline on Christmas and was not hungry all day.  He ate almost nothing all day.

He really enjoyed having Brandon home for the holidays.  Brandon got a kick out of showing Alex the Santa Radar on the computer on Christmas Eve.  About an hour after Alex had gone to bed he came back down and told Brandon he needed to check on where Santa was again before he went to sleep.  Brandon eagerly took him to the office for a quick peek at the computer.  It was decided he was getting pretty close and better get to sleep.  It amazes me that he goes for that line and knows that the rest of us are playing board games in the dining room until almost midnight (we aren’t very quiet at these games!)

I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family.  Please remember that there are millions of orphaned kids still waiting for families…you can help them when online shopping if you set up an account at and set your account to give a percentage to (which gives directly to orphanages).  Every little bit helps!  If you are going to shop online anyways, might as well help an organization that helps others in need.

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Our Russian Adoption Story Video

This short video shows our journey to Far Eastern Russia to adopt two children, siblings, living in separate orphanages and then bringing them home to our three sons.

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