The Money Store

The Money Store

We had a terrific Christmas! Alex and Tania were both totally into it this year…now their 3rd Christmas! The 1st Christmas was totally new to them and we could have gotten by with one gift each and they would have been thrilled. The 2nd Christmas they were getting the idea of this holiday and each were excited to get the one or two things they asked for(plus stuff from family). This year, however, their lists were long and item they wanted most changed almost daily, making it a challenge for Santa.
But once the Big Day arrived they were once again happy to get their gifts and enjoyed the day we spent with extended family.
Alex had done his shopping at the local dollar store to get presents for his siblings and for Grandma & Grandpa. He got them all choc. covered peanuts, except Grandma who got hand towels. He wrapped them all and put them under the tree. It only took about 10 minutes before he told Tania and Kellen what he was giving them however!
He did have to get one thing for himself at this store…a toy gun of course! Alex loves guns. When I talk to other parents of adopted Russian boys who were older at adoption, it seems that guns, knives and swords are the toys of choice. Not sure why!
Later Alex was telling everyone about this great store…the money store. Alex gets very enthusiastic in his story telling. Finally we did figure out that the great Money Store was actually our local dollar store. Hmmm….not quite as exciting, I admit! LOL…..
Hope you had a nice Christmas. I’d love to hear some stories about your kids at the holidays!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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